Learning from Japan’s train discipline.

Believe me, there is a place not far from India where trains come and depart on time. As a passenger who has spent endless hours in platform waiting for a train. This doesn’t look real. But Japanese train companies are serious about time management. Their trains are perfectly timed, to the second. The thought of looking at Japanese train system came to mind last week. When I had 3.5 hours of free time in Allahabad station. My train, due to come at 22:00 came at around 00:00 and stayed another hour…

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Learning from America’s school shootings and a Sowers announcement.

I remember clearly when I was in school, bringing a mobile phone during my senior year was the bravest thing I could do and kids these days are bringing automatic rifles. Times are changing and the results speak for themselves. At least 130 students have died during school hours due to gun violence, states the Washington Post’s report. America is fighting hard to keep her temples of knowledge from turning into hunted places which breed fear. America clearly needs stricter gun laws. But, is that it? and how can Indian learn from…

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Call me “Human”

  A nationwide uproar was heard in March and April 2018 due to the supreme court order to dilute stringent provisions mandating immediate arrest under Scheduled Tribes/Scheduled Castes (ST/SC) atrocities act.   Although the law was established in 1989 in the wake of growing crime against the SC/ST communities, many emerging instances of its misuse have surfaced. The new order was passed with the objective to protect innocent civilians reported under false cases from facing legal actions and framing. The courts’ rule did not intend the dilution of the act…

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India’s faith in godmen and why it’s wrong.

In the past two years, India has seen the conviction of two godmen charged with raping a minor, murder and inducing riots. Millions used to watch them on television and thousands gathered in their pandals. Their followers had such piety towards them, towards these men of flesh and bone. That it became so easy for these self-proclaimed godmen to manipulate and extort money and raise their empire of gold with a combined net worth which surpasses ten thousand crores. Looking at several other examples as such, religion has been turned…

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