Adage II | Emotional Intelligence and Spirituality

Introduction | Prelude It’s difficult to describe emotions in words, isn’t? The first word that springs up in our head, is feelings after hearing the word – emotions. The simple reason being, emotions are intense feelings which are better felt than expressed, for which they are ineffable. Even a person who is tight-lipped will express a lot of emotions to the people across him, then a person who loves to prattle. Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ states, “In a very real…

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Culture Technology 

Pornography: Narcotic? Detrimental? Normal?

After effects | Inversion It was July the 17th – a Tuesday when some of our friends including some doctoral researchers gathered around our EC canteen spot. We met there as a small gathering everyday at 1700 hrs to talk a while about the current status in the lives of each of us. There we would also talk about the current issue or the topic if it garnered some views or attraction of the people across the globe. I happened to take my phone out to get a glimpse of a…

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