Assurance of walking with God Billy Our Story 

My problem with God | Seasons of waiting.

I have a problem with God. He has stopped his one-on-one communication and that’s creating a lot of confusion here on earth. Problems that would have been easily solved if He’d just talk. I don’t ask God to come down and talk to me; it’ll be hard to survive that encounter (if you know what I mean). For me, a little dream here and there would work. Oh wait, I’ve got an idea! God, if you are reading this, please comment. 🙂 (I promise it’ll be a secret; none of…

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The vortex collision replication done by Destin. Billy Our Story 

Chapter 1. Finding your Vortex Collision | Welcome to Billy’s story.

Dustin, a researcher who runs the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay, recently released a video on vortex collision that provides high definition visual of two vortex rings colliding with the formation of small rings on its outer circumference. This phenomenon is not scientifically proven yet but the video provides high definition data as to what happens when two vortex rings collide, which can be studied by researchers. The viewers are sure to be amazed at the clarity and formation of the rings. But the best part of the video, a part which is…

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Billy Our Story 

Do more with less. (Walter Murch’s Book review)

If you are into filmmaking and haven’t read Walter Murch’s “In the Blink of an eye”, you are already missing a lot. It’s one thing to make mistakes yourselves and another to learn from others. Discreation of experienced people has always motivated me to learn from them. They have so much to give and I am a taker. This book is as old as me, published first in 1994 and the second edition came out in 2001 which also includes his thoughts on digital filmmaking. I started reading this book…

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