That smile, can it last long? (Source: apneaap) Culture 

Choice: To let her die.

Everything in life boils down to the choices one makes. In fact, everything started because of the choice Eve made in the garden of Eden. Yes, Adam too made a choice. But, it was first made by Eve. Look what I just did there? It is easy to make a choice and then later blame the other to have forced it on us like we never had a choice to make a choice. The fact that you are able to make the simple decision of using the internet and order…

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On the streets of MG Road, Bangalore.

Bangalore, as a city, does not have a particular red light area. But, it does have “areas”, where sex is sold. Starting today this blog will have an account of such areas in and around Bangalore. While coming back from work on Saturday, I decided to visit MG Road to buy some second-hand books. It was late and then, there I saw the nightlife of Bangalore for the very first time. From past research regarding the documentary, I knew, things were going on in MG Road. So I decided to…

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