Broken Butterfly | SOWERS Lifestories

I don’t even remember how old I was when that guy first touched me. When he touched me in places he wasn’t supposed to. I remember only a few scenes of that time. I think based on the house we were in at the time (we stayed in many rented houses for quite a long time), I was probably in the second or third standard. He told me it was normal. I believed it was normal. My parents were too busy trying to keep our family of five afloat to…

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Ashmita Our Story 

Chapter 1. Why Ashmita won’t eat (and how to make her!) | Welcome to Ashmita’s story.

To be honest, I did not want to reach out to y’all anytime soon, but rest of the team at Sowers made me do it (they collectively kicked me in the behind!) So here I am to tell you what I am like and what has been up with me. The good news is I had been knee-bent in mess too, lately, so I can be an interesting story! I’m Ashmita. I’m 170 centimetres and 55 kilograms. My backpack is always a little heavier than me. Petite-to-Fat people love telling…

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