Technology-slave Technology 

Technology: The challenge to bridle.

Growing up as a millennial has been an interesting journey. Lot of things changed since the early 2000s, but one significant change is the way we interact with technology. It barely came to our notice how it evolved so rapidly and exponentially. In the past decade, we took huge strides in technology.  My first PC had 512 MB RAM. My current laptop has 4 GB; soon I look forward to upgrading to a new laptop with nearly 8 GB of it. From Nokia 2100 with barely 1 ½ inch of black…

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It may be difficult, but its not impossible : An Insight on Smartphone addiction

Many might admit that they are addicted to their phones or certain applications like Facebook or Instagram. But only a few would acknowledge it enough to make a change. Only if we look more keenly, can we realize how much of our time is gulped down by the virtual world. It wouldn’t have been so detrimental if it did just that. It not only feeds on the limited time we have each day but it affects our ability to focus, to comprehend and to use our creativity. We become dependants…

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