Apple Inc. Technology 

Apple and its Innovation | Part 1

Apple recently crossed $1 trillion in market capitalization making it the only company in the world to do so. That’s a humungous leap for any company. To bring things into perspective, Indian economy ranks 7th in the world ranking with a total GDP of $2.848 trillion. How can a company started in a garage, reach the epitome of innovation and world technology domination? If you read Walter Murch’s biography of Steve Jobs, the founder of apple. You’d know these answers. But if you haven’t read the book. There is so…

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Technology-slave Technology 

Technology: The challenge to bridle.

Growing up as a millennial has been an interesting journey. Lot of things changed since the early 2000s, but one significant change is the way we interact with technology. It barely came to our notice how it evolved so rapidly and exponentially. In the past decade, we took huge strides in technology.  My first PC had 512 MB RAM. My current laptop has 4 GB; soon I look forward to upgrading to a new laptop with nearly 8 GB of it. From Nokia 2100 with barely 1 ½ inch of black…

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