29 October 2018


Join us to start a discussion

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Welcome to Sowers.

Sowers is a mission. We are bloggers, photographers, and movie makers coming together to take you on a journey of laying in front of you the realities of our society of our country and around the world – the good and the bad alike.

Here’s What we do



We do a thorough research on topics of social importance. We check the history, current affairs and what’s the possible outcome of the current course of action taken.


We then start campaigns around these social topics. To encourage people to come out and talk about it openly in an open discussion.


We interview people and understand the topic at hand. We present it to you without any bias. We believe in putting out the content and letting the audience decide.

Our Mission

 Sowers was started in our hostel room because we felt the need to start a discussion on things that were happening around us. It grew from there and we feel it more than ever that our society needs to have a civil discussion about everything happening. Whether in politics, education system, etc.

This is our mission statement.

To reach out the youths and start a civil discussion and to become a platform that helps to share knowledge and wisdom about issues that affect our society.

The Coffee’s on us!!

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