Our Story Shikha 

The Brevity of Life

I bet no one goes through life thinking about the day they’re going to die. Yes, a part of our conscience is aware that death is a certainty, someday it will come to pass. Yet the knowledge of the inevitability of death seems to slip away effortlessly through our minds. It’s something we have made peace with because we know we can’t escape it. It’s just another day, the morning chores are done and a woman after sending away her husband and kids, leaves her house for work. She walks…

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Asifa, Rape of Innocence.

The country is burning with anger on the rape and murder of the 8-year-old, Asifa Bano. The incident which took place in January 2018 has recently got national attention, with tweets flowing from all over the country to punish the culprits and provide justice to the deceased. Politicians planning a vigil, youths coming out on the roads, activists going on hunger strike and what not. It’s time like this when a country comes together for a cause or a person that makes the system hear the cries of many minors,…

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