Hello and Welcome to Sowers.

Sowers is a mission. We yet are not prepared to define it in its entirety. We are bloggers, photographers, and movie makers coming together to take you on a journey of laying in front of you the realities of our society, of our country and around the world. We group of graduates share a common passion to reach out to people and start a discussion. We are not your 9 PM breaking news. We are inclined towards making educated reviews based on our interviews with people and our analysis of the world in general. We lay in front of you the realities of our society of our country and around the world – the good and the bad alike.

Our team at Sowers.

Shalom Christopher is a Biotechnologist. Also a conversationalist, he spends his leisure time indulging in debates on social issues. He’s the kind of person you would like to have your evening tea with if you too were equally concerned. He is highly enthusiastic about his work and his calling to make a difference. He is the Research Lead at Sowers.

Our Associate Editor – Shikha Phillips – is pursuing her Masters in Exercise and Sports Sciences from Manipal University. She’s quite soft-spoken; not a debate kind. Listening is her strength. If you need someone to talk to, she’s the one. We see our future in personal counselling under her leadership.

Alex Frederick is an Agriculture engineer and our go-to media guy. He can do marvels with his camera. If bending light is a superpower, He is our Superman. He is also responsible for all the copyright infringements, SUE HIM in case of discrepancies. (Please don’t!).

Our Editor-in-Chief Ashmita Rai is an ardent fan of selective literature and philology. Interestingly enough, she is an engineering graduate who loves what science did to her. Life, extensive reading, and research accentuated her understanding of women’s health and psychiatric disorders and SHE LOVES TO TALK ABOUT IT. She plans to acquire higher degrees in sciences and hopes to take roots in academia eventually.

and I am,

Billy Graham Ram. This journey we are taking is my brainchild. I have a dream to take you all along with us on this.

We stretch out our hands to you in the hope you will hold back and walk with us towards a better world where we think, where we set free, where the world is a better place.


On behalf of all of us at sowers,