Welcome to our Campaign on

Polarization of Media.


In past few years news media industries have grown rapidly. With this growth, there is also growth in the polarisation of the media. There may be many reasons and causes for this polarisation, but polarisation has become more evident and explicit. Day by day its getting difficult to find an objective source of information. Journalists who once were looked upon to give objective and accurate news, have turned into biased journalism. The news media seems to have losts its meaning and have become a propaganda machinery in the society. 

What we mean by Polarization of Media.

We at sowers have found it important to address “Polarisation of media” as this has lead to many consequences. Some are good and some bad. In this campaign we try to identify such consequences and discuss the reality of Polarised media and how it affects us all. It is hard to say if the polarised media will change into non polarised one. But, it is definitely possible for us to know and understand the reality and learn to handle the evolved media.