What is Citizen Journalism?

In today\’s time where data sharing is a very important commodity for any country. Social Media has its own pros and cons. On one hand, we have fake news being shared on Whatsapp regularly and doing harm to society. There are also instances where the normal citizen is making a difference by making their voice heard by using these social media platforms.

Journalism experts agree that citizen journalism is the collecting and reporting of information via social media, public platforms, and traditional news outlets, either by non-traditional sources or the public.

The idea behind a citizen journalist to bring the attention of the masses at the things that are happening in your surroundings. It is you reporting from where you are with what you have. In most cases a smartphone is handy. If you think that you have a credible story that is worth sharing and bringing attention on. You can do so by writing about it or making a video about it or simply sharing the information with us to look upon. We will follow your lead and write a story. One of the important aspects of any journalism is to do a thorough checking of your sources and to be completely sure of the authenticity.

How can you be a Citizen Journalist?

What is the process of Submission?

Simply write to at editor@sowers.in . State what is your story and what you want to report on as clearly as possible. To successfully clear our screening we suggest you mention as many sources as possible and provide data to everything you say. Once we do our research and authenticate the story we will get back to you to discuss more on the story.