Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sowers?

Sowers is a social media company (not yet registered) with the primary aim to make documentaries on the most important issues affecting our society, History and Education. We are also writers and strive to create thought-provoking content about the Documentaries we make, in the form of blog posts on  Sowers is a secular platform but finds it’s motivation to work from its faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

What is the Mission Statement of Sowers?

“To reach out to the young minds out there and start a discussion. To become a platform that helps in sharing knowledge and wisdom about issues that most greatly affect our society.”

Can anyone contribute to Sowers?

Yes, we are currently trying to create an “article bank” for our Documentaries with an aim to provide thoroughly researched content to our readers on social issues. You can go to Our Campaigns and find out the subjects we are currently working on and make a contribution in the form of articles. Submit articles Help us start a discussion.

What type of content should I write for Sowers?

Sowers is open to content creation on International affairs, technology but most of all to subjects relating to our social condition as Humanity. We feel called to address and raise our voice for the issues most affecting our society. You can contribute articles to us on any of the above topics. But even if you wish to contribute on topics other than these, you are welcome.

Can your team work for me?

Yes, we run a program called \”Sowers Solution\” where we assist businesses and artists to create their websites, manage social media, help them shoot content and educate them to be self-sustaining. This program is chargeable.

How can I donate to Sowers?

We are not ready to accept online payments through our website yet. That is something that we need funds for. Till then you can contact us through our contact us page and leave a message that you would like to donate along with your mobile number. Our team will get back to you and you can then make the payment through Paytm or UPI.

Is this site safe for me?

We take your privacy very seriously and therefore do not collect any information without your permission. This site has been made secure by McAfee SECURE. Though some browsers may still state our site as \”Not secure\”. You have nothing to worry about. It is a matter of certification that we get the \”Secure\” tag by the browsers and since we are not collecting any personal information. You are safe to surf at Sowersdotin.

I know a person you should interview for your documentary. Would you be Interested

We are interested to interview anyone with a credible knowledge about the topics we document as this can aid increase in the number of sources we have and can help us strengthen and be confident in our research. Please contacts us on the following page contact us