On the streets of MG Road, Bangalore.

Bangalore, as a city, does not have a particular red light area. But, it does have “areas”, where sex is sold. Starting today this blog will have an account of such areas in and around Bangalore. While coming back from work on Saturday, I decided to visit MG Road to buy some second-hand books. It was late and then, there I saw the nightlife of Bangalore for the very first time. From past research regarding the documentary, I knew, things were going on in MG Road. So I decided to…

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A World without cameras?

What would your life be like if there were no cameras around? What if there were no cameras in all of history? what if there was no way to “capture the moment”? The word of mouth would be the only source for us to know what the world before us was like. The other source would be the eyes of the mind, our IMAGINATION. Because of the uniqueness of our minds, our imaginations differ and so would have our perception of the past. Great moments in history could never be…

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Billy Our Story 

Do more with less. (Walter Murch’s Book review)

If you are into filmmaking and haven’t read Walter Murch’s “In the Blink of an eye”, you are already missing a lot. It’s one thing to make mistakes yourselves and another to learn from others. Discreation of experienced people has always motivated me to learn from them. They have so much to give and I am a taker. This book is as old as me, published first in 1994 and the second edition came out in 2001 which also includes his thoughts on digital filmmaking. I started reading this book…

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