A World without cameras?

What would your life be like if there were no cameras around? What if there were no cameras in all of history? what if there was no way to “capture the moment”? The word of mouth would be the only source for us to know what the world before us was like. The other source would be the eyes of the mind, our IMAGINATION. Because of the uniqueness of our minds, our imaginations differ and so would have our perception of the past. Great moments in history could never be lived again except in the memory of those who witnessed it. The world would have been filled with impactful sketches and arts to depict the times long gone by. Grandparents would have been better storytellers, with fondness describing the finest details about the day their country was freed, how the soldiers marched at the trumpet blast, their joy could only be expressed in words and their horrors only described. Their children would never know anything except what they were told about. The moments once passed, would be lost in time, I believe the world wouldn’t have grown so much either, as it has now because there would be no way to learn about how things worked in the past and hence no way to new inventions. Maybe the world would have been different and much less developed than it is. Maybe the people would have communicated better, maybe their conversations would have been deeper and would have carried more expression because there would be no way of showing our thoughts and ideas to others. But I doubt that those conversations would have been perfect because reading and listening would never have a greater impact on us as SEEING. A written piece can describe a scene in a war-torn nation explicitly, but a photograph can convey it with no words at all and still be an accurate description. It has been said that a photograph cannot lie, but a painting can because its meaning is based on the interpretation of the artist. A photograph has the power to stop time and gives the viewer an insight into the exact moment. It can be surreal, staring into an image and being instantly connected with its elements feeling the warmth, the beauty, the horror or the strife of the moment. But this held true in the olden days when the camera was just invented, In today’s world photographs can indeed be liers and the image can be easily manipulated to showcase only what the person behind the lens wants to show. Science would have been limited to the naked eye, The extremes of the oceans and the outer space would remain untreaded and unconquered. The deep of the ocean would still be a mystery. The ocean floor would have been ruled by living things we would know nothing about. The Sun, moon and the stars would have seemed out of reach and the only things that existed in the Universe. We wouldn’t have known about any other thing, so reaching near them would have been out of the question. Billions of Galaxies in the Universe would have remained unnamed. We would have known so little not realizing that we are the littlest of things in the Universe, still marked by the grandeur and the intellect of our Creator. It was indeed an important invention. It gave us the ability to travel back in time and also to take a leap into the future. It has amplified our vision to see things and places that are difficult to experience in person. It has given direction to our dreams. Our dependence on this technology has made us more knowledgeable about our planet and beyond. It wouldn’t have been impossible, but different to live in a world without cameras. But surely we wouldn’t have reached where we are now, as Mankind.