A Minority Report

Funny how I never noticed the majority-minority division while growing up and now it is just too hard to ignore sometimes. Is it because of my social circle and my view of the world were much smaller and restricted, or is it because it now has a hand behind almost every other conversation, I am not sure. With time and events, not only are these divisions getting more and more noticeable, but the people who keep dragging them into issues are getting bolder, as well. Recently, when a classmate, I…

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The What and Why of the Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingyas are an ethnic Muslim minority group, who are currently facing humanitarian crisis. More than 80 lacs Rohingyas have fled from the country of Myanmar where they made up almost one-third of the population. Despite their large numbers, the Rohingyas are neither recognized as one of the 135 ethnic groups of the predominantly Buddhist country nor have they been granted citizenship; they are not considered people. During the census of 2014 in Myanmar, the Rohingya community wasn’t included. The Rohingyas speak Bengali and differ from Myanmar’s dominant Buddhist groups…

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