The Three Bosses of Photography | ISO

This is the last boss of your camera’s manual mode. It will give you great control over your low light shots but can also, pretty much ruin your images if not dealt with understanding. ISO is the sensitivity of your camera sensor towards the light. Higher ISO will result in higher sensitivity towards light and low ISO, low sensitivity towards the light. ISO is helpful when shooting in low light conditions. The thing you need to keep in mind while experimenting with the ISO is that the higher sensitivity of the…

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The Three Bosses of Photography | Aperture

Ever wondered looking at those crispy portraits with that soft blurry background, “What is going on in this world?” I bet you are not as philosophical as me but really, What is going on? I’ve always wondered as, how to get that blur and sharpness combo, and the answer is aperture. It is a circular opening in your lens that can change its shape as to the amount of light you want, to reach your camera sensor. The diaphragm is also responsible for the bending of light rays reaching the…

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The Three Bosses of Photography | Shutter Speed

Clicking in the manual mode of a DSLR camera can be quite frustrating if you don’t know the function of what you are dealing with. In a manual mode of any DSLR camera, you have the full freedom to play with the settings and explore new ways to tell the story. Today, we will look at the working of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Which I like to address as the three bosses of photography. If you are able to fully understand and master these three you will be able to…

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