How I committed a crime in 3 minutes and no one knew.

The phone rang, “Where are you?”, were his first words to me. Once I told him my location. He then went on to ask,”accommodation is where?”. “Home”, I replied and that’s it. I was verified. He didn’t bother to know whether I was a minor or a 70-year-old man, whether I had HIV or not. After all, he was not the one to be traded here. So why’d he bother? I am talking about Mr Kishan, who successfully runs an e-commerce website online. In the age of Flipkart and Amazon…

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On the streets of MG Road, Bangalore.

Bangalore, as a city, does not have a particular red light area. But, it does have “areas”, where sex is sold. Starting today this blog will have an account of such areas in and around Bangalore. While coming back from work on Saturday, I decided to visit MG Road to buy some second-hand books. It was late and then, there I saw the nightlife of Bangalore for the very first time. From past research regarding the documentary, I knew, things were going on in MG Road. So I decided to…

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