It may be difficult, but its not impossible : An Insight on Smartphone addiction

Many might admit that they are addicted to their phones or certain applications like Facebook or Instagram. But only a few would acknowledge it enough to make a change. Only if we look more keenly, can we realize how much of our time is gulped down by the virtual world? It wouldn’t have been so detrimental if it did just that. It not only feeds on the limited time we have each day but it affects our ability to focus, to comprehend and to use our creativity. We become dependants of the networking world always coming back for more. I came across a quote that made a lot of sense to me at the time, “Do the things that will make you forget to look at your phone.” “Well, is it even possible?” Yes, it is, but only for the ones who are willing to make the change. At first, nothing else might seem much more exciting than a drop-down menu filled with notifications, but things do change as soon as you begin to question the need of checking your phone from time to time. This is important because no change ever lasts until it comes from introspection and a conscious thought. If scrolling through your Instagram feed you’d ask yourself, “How is looking at other people’s lives and all the silly memes helping me?” Most likely the answer is going to be “None”. That’s the reality right there, there is no factual gain except the temporary sense of joy, leaving us longing for more. Having that established, we move on to the next important question, “What would I be doing right now if smartphones didn’t exist?”. Well, it might take a while but you will be reminded of so many things that you have always wanted to do. Maybe that book you wanted to read, that song that still has some lines unwritten, or that guitar in your attic just waiting to be played? Instantly the thoughts are triggered reminding you of the passions and diversions you had, even the goals you had set. All this while they have been deprived of the time and effort of which they are the rightful owners. This is not a blog about “Things you can do in order to reduce your time on the phone”. There are many such proposed solutions and tactics available for us to read, even apps that can track your time on a phone. Rather, the intent here is to encourage You to think, reason and look within yourself to determine your qualities, skills, and talents that remain untapped. And to discern what your time must be devoted to. It is an interesting thing about Humans, we all are not the same. Each one is unique and possesses something that the other one doesn’t. And our talents, passions, and inclinations can help us become knowledgeable and better equipped for every phase of life. They can help us grow in ways we would have never thought of. They can help us influence other lives. But it all comes down to a choice. You can sit behind the Glass curtain or climb out of the window and strive to grow.