What does Bashar Al Assad think of the Syrian crisis?

Please note that this article is not aimed at supporting anyone of the fighting groups in Syria. It only aims to present both sides of the story of Syria. Reading and viewing of the specified links is recommended to gain a better understanding of the given perspective. Plunging into the depths of Syria’s existence and the course of events that have led to its current situation is absolutely overwhelming. The U.N says that nearly 400,00 people have lost their lives since 2011. One question that anybody would ask would be, “How does Bashar Al Assad manage to pay no attention to the magnitude of civilian casualties? Is he’s really trying fight the bad guys infiltrating his country? As the nation falls to pieces brick by brick each day, what does he see when he looks out the window of his presidential palace – A nation in ruins or a day closer to victory? Couple of searches in this context lead to articles reiterating the brutality of the regime. Here is one such article: The logic of Brutality of the Asaad regime. The major news houses claim it as a well-established fact that the Syrian Government is at war with its own people. The opponents of the government are known to be Syrian residents. They have organised themselves as armed forces and have been funded and aided by the United States. But the Syrian President uses a very different terminology and refers these armed groups to be ‘terrorists’. He views the conflict in Syria as a battle against terrorists who have occupied parts of the country. The regions where the government has overpowered the rebel groups are being called “Liberated” territories. The Syrian revolution has been popularly known to have started in the city of Homs as the protestors gathered in thousands peacefully demanding an end of state of emergency and a democratic state. What however, is less known is that the Government held responsible a group of radical extremists for the shooting at civilians. Al Qaeda had been reported to exploited the opportunity to infiltrate Syria taking advantage of the instability in the region at the time.Global research report on Shootings during 2011 Syrian protests Assad claimed that the armed terrorists amidst the protesters fired at the Syrian police force which led to retaliation. A mounting suppression of public protests by the government in the next few days was viewed by the world as a suppression of freedom of speech and expression. But a question arises : Is there a possibility that the suppression of protests was done thwart  the attempts of the infiltrators to organize and influence civilians to lead an armed conflict against the government and cause havoc in the country? In an interview in 2006, President Bashar Al Asaad said that the most surprising thing for him after gaining power in Syria  was – the magnitude of American technological sophistication and their information gathering ability about the events. However, the United States wasn’t analyzing the received information sufficiently before exporting it to the world in Assad’s opinion.Bashar Al Assad 2006 interview Bashar expressed that the only way the American leaders could understand him was by knowing his culture and the people he represents. Only then the West would know why his government does what it does and what their objective. Media, he said, was the tool that bridges the gap between Syria and America and genuine reporting  of Syria was required of the West. The major powers of the world have named the Syrian President a brutal dictator and a Tyrant. He has been alleged for war crimes that would demand him to be answerable to the international court. He has been accused of using chemical weapons on his own people. Controversially, major news outlets reported that the last of Syria’s chemical weapons were destroyed and shipped out in the year of 2014.The Washington post.Some media houses have suggested that the images and videos about the chemical attacks first surfaced on social media and have been used by the news outlets repeatedly. Some claim that the attack was in fact staged.Could the chemical attack of 2017 be staged.
Syrian children receive treatment for a suspected chemical attack at a makeshift clinic on the rebel-held village of al-Shifuniyah in the Eastern Ghouta region on the outskirts of the capital Damascus late on February 25, 2018. Credit : Arab News
The US verification of the destruction of the last of Syria’s chemical weapons in 2014 would  suggest that Syria no longer possess chemical weapons.Watch the Syrian girl’s report on recent attacks Could the airstrikes have aimed at the a military base (as mentioned by the reporter in the previous video)which was needed by the government to defy the terrorists groups? Significant attention has been given to the atrocities faced by the civilians in this war. The caravan of refugees being driven out, children wounded and left without their parents and the loss of innocent lives. We can imagine what an abomination Bashar Al Assad would be in the eyes of his people. But this footag shows something drastically controversial.What do Syrians say about Assad. Syrians speak the truth about Assad. Bashar Al assad claims that he wouldn’t be in power right now if it was not the will of the people. Have the American, British and the French news and media outlets manipulated the reality of the Syrian war. Have they been immensely successful in convincing the world that Bashar Al Assad is a dictator? May be they have, unless someone really cares to know what’s going on. But why would America do that? The answer goes back to the beginning of the Arab uprisings. In 2003,  America along with its coalition parties invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein, occupying the state of Iraq. Iraq was attacked with the suspicision that it hoarded weapons of Mass destruction. However, this suspicion of America did not gain substantial evidence when  Iraq was investigated after the invasion.The American invasion of Iraq 2003 There have been reports of Al qaeda groups in close involvement with the syrian rebels fighting against Assad.How Al Qaeda exploited the Syrian civil war Could a similar interest of the west to gain a stand in the Middle East be driving  troops into Syria? Does the west aim to overthrow Bashar Al Asaad to gain foothold in Syria therefore funding and escalating the war furthur? Syrian war has been named a proxy war – namely a war instigated by major powers who themselves don’t directly get involved. Assad, Russia and China stand against the United States, Britain and France who appear to be funding Assad’s opponents instigating war while talking about lasting peace and prosperity in the Middle east. Has America instigated wars in the recent years? Is Bashar Al Asaad really fighting terrorists and could the damage done to the civilians also be attributed to the rebel groups? Is foreign involvement the reason for the war being still far from conclusion?
America being a super power has more influence and control over the world than it appears to have. Are we manipulated to think of Assad regime as the enemy of its people or is Assad’s brutality the everyday truth of Syria?
A greater question is: Has Syria become the battlefield for the confrontation of Two Super powers of the world and their allies? What could it possibly lead to? It is crucial to look at both sides of the coin to make an inference. While most of the world believes the mainstream media, reality could be far different.

Syria could be in a crisis far more composite than what we have been told.