Chapter 1. Finding your Vortex Collision | Welcome to Billy’s story.

Dustin, a researcher who runs the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay, recently released a video on vortex collision that provides high definition visual of two vortex rings colliding with the formation of small rings on its outer circumference. This phenomenon is not scientifically proven yet but the video provides high definition data as to what happens when two vortex rings collide, which can be studied by researchers. The viewers are sure to be amazed at the clarity and formation of the rings. But the best part of the video, a part which is often missed, is the narrative that Dustin does.
It took him 4 years to get it right! I wish he had also mentioned the number of attempts he’d made.
So how does a YouTuber, with a link to an old low definition video and a research article, replicates a phenomenon? You need Dustin to answer that. But what I am interested in, is the part where Dustin talks about finding your own vortex collision. Welcome readers, to this section of Sowers. Beginning today, this category will be a platform for you to get to know the core team of Sowers in a much better way; to get a clearer picture of our minds and also to know our stories. Rest be assured to find snippets of knowledge and humor here and there in this journey we are beginning today. There are three main segments of any story – beginning, mid, and end. Today we set the beginning of my story. The protagonist of our story is an underdog for now, having to deal with choices that seem hard and consuming. This week I have to board another train to Allahabad – a place I promised myself to never visit again. Unwelcome turn of events, you can say. I believe this part of the story is called Humility. The plan is to set foot for GATE preparations again, after enrolling into a university.


As I write this chapter, I have no concrete plan for my academics. I only know what I want to do but I seem to be running out of options to do it. The previous year, the list of my failures had been huge and the list of my accomplishments – small, if not nil. It affected me both – spiritually and mentally. So I can’t run to God. That just feels like hypocrisy to me. Now, if you ask me about finding my vortex collision, let me say sorry beforehand, for the punch on your tummy. ‘Billy is being all hopeless now and pointing fingers at God!’, you may say. No, I am not. I have piety to God and know Jesus is my savior. But I am in a mess. I own my mistakes by not being an entitlement freak. I am just acknowledging my state. The prospect of doing Masters from an IIT never escaped my mind. On my first attempt, I was not prepared well. 2019 will be a second try, two years later. My story lies in between these two years. These were the years of uncertainties, of dreams and high hopes. Now the uncertainties remain and I am still far from the goal. Hence on, the story is about how many years and failed collisions I have to face to get to my vortex collision. The journey may or may not be a long and a frustrating one (Que sera sera!) But having hope is the only option I have and I hope for the best. Next week, next chapter. I would love to hear from you. A journey is always better when you have a companion. Take care and Pray!   Love, Billy