Christians, do you know what your faith means? Mere Christianity Book Review

When one is reviewing a work that has been established to be its own standard, what does one talk about in the review? Surely the quality of the work is already established and cannot be questioned. But still, one has to review a book to put into words the book’s effect on that person personally. So here it is, my review of what probably is the most recognized work of C. S. Lewis, “Mere Christianity”.

The book is derived from a radio lecture delivered by C.S. Lewis. Though the book has been edited for the written work, it does have a conversational tone, which, depending on preference, one can like or dislike. The book is outlined in a very systematic manner, and chapter by chapter, C.S. Lewis dissects the Christian faith, peel by peel, like an onion. I can very easily say that this book is not a religious work, but it does debate matters of faith from a Biblical perspective. What I mean by saying this book is not a religious work is that it is not a pulpit message or a self-help book for people who are new to the Christian faith. C.S. Lewis is not trying to sell you the Christian religion but instead tries to answer some of the fundamental questions about Christianity.

Biblical theology is a very complicated subject. Some things are as clear as day and night, while others have numerous probable outcomes based on a person’s interpretation. While the debates on “what ifs” and “then what” may seem very enticing to the so-called intellectuals, we only really have one right answer. The answer does not always show itself as a true reflection of logic, but in most cases, it is a matter of believing in the unseen; it is a matter of faith. The Bible talks about having childlike faith; it also talks about yearning to be mature so that one can have solid food. If we look at the life of a Christian as a toddler growing into a mature adult, this book is a midlife crisis guide book, or whenever you find yourself questioning your faith.

We’ve all had a friend in our friend circle who likes to probe into random verses in the Bible, trying to connect 2+2, but the answer is always something logically incorrect. It is almost always difficult to answer these questions, and often these questions catch you off-guard so much so that you start to have the same doubts. I’ve had some friends and family members like this, and I was not able to give them an answer. Mere Christianity has personally helped me put my reasons for believing in the Christian faith into words. It might help you too.

The book is not difficult to understand but does require focus and continual reflection while reading it. Lewis makes it easy to explain complicated concepts with illustrations but he himself agrees that some concepts do not have perfect illustrations. The book is two hundred and twenty seven pages long and does not require a lot of time commitment. Reading this book will be beneficial to adolescent christians to help understand come complicated theology in the Bible.