One more thing | Apple and its Marketing.

Apple is known to define its own marketing. It has reached a point where companies try to emulate what Apple’s been doing till now. But, that is not easy to do and not worth copying. Because what Apple does can be done best only at Apple, by Apple. Apple has been built around certain key boundaries and pillars. Steve Jobs made it very clear to run the company within these bounds. Apple products are built keeping the customer satisfaction at its core. This is the reason you can find customers going…

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Apple Inc. Technology 

Apple and its Innovation | Part 1

Apple recently crossed $1 trillion in market capitalization making it the only company in the world to do so. That’s a humungous leap for any company. To bring things into perspective, Indian economy ranks 7th in the world ranking with a total GDP of $2.848 trillion. How can a company started in a garage, reach the epitome of innovation and world technology domination? If you read Walter Murch’s biography of Steve Jobs, the founder of apple. You’d know these answers. But if you haven’t read the book. There is so…

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