One more thing | Apple and its Marketing.

Apple is known to define its own marketing. It has reached a point where companies try to emulate what Apple’s been doing till now. But, that is not easy to do and not worth copying. Because what Apple does can be done best only at Apple, by Apple. Apple has been built around certain key boundaries and pillars. Steve Jobs made it very clear to run the company within these bounds. Apple products are built keeping the customer satisfaction at its core. This is the reason you can find customers going crazy for an iPhone with a missing headphone jack. Apple sells you the experience and value, not just the product.
“When the economy is difficult, people care a great deal about the things they spend their money on. Customers have come to understand that Apple’s products aren’t priced high – they’re priced on the value of what we build into them.” Phil Schiller Chef Marketing Executive at Apple.

Here is a list of Apple’s by marketing

Apple’s product pricing.

It takes Apple $370.25 to make an iPhone X, which they sell for $999. That is 63% revenue from a single iPhone (According to an analysis by research firm IHS Markit). Now, from any sale marketing perspective, this would be a perfect recipe for disaster. But it’s not. iPhone X is not only successful it’s also the best smartphone Apple has ever released. “Since we split the line with the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014,” Tim Cook said, “this is the first cycle in which the top of the line iPhone model has also been the most popular.” “iPhone’s second quarter performance capped a tremendous fiscal first half with $100 billion in iPhone revenue, an increase of $12 billion over last year, setting a new first-half record and achieving our highest first-half growth rate in three years.” Apple has been successful in creating a devoted customer base that knows what Apple stands for and are willing to be a part of that experience. You can price a product but you cannot put a price tag on a value or feeling. That’s all Apple products are about. The value you feel in your hands when you touch them.

Apple’s Product’s launch

In order to have a great product experience, Apple’s product release has taken a toll of its own. The way Tim cook will explain what he is selling to you is more of a personal experience and that’s what these things are made to do. To tell that Apple cherishes their customers. Each of Apple’s product launch is hyped due to the suspense that is generated by them and people love suspense and that works in Apple’s favour.

Apple Stores.

When it comes to Apple’s retail stores, probably the most iconic is the one in the plaza of the GM Building on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The store’s signature architectural feature — a 32-foot glass cube emblazoned with a glowing Apple logo — is immediately recognizable. NY Magazine’s Vicky Ward provided the back story to the origins of the cube in an article published yesterday, and it’s fascinating. While Steve Job first came up with the idea of Apple experience store. Its intention was only to make a more personal connection with Apple’s customers. If you visit an Apple store you’ll totally understand that they have been successful in achieving it.