How I committed a crime in 3 minutes and no one knew.

The phone rang, “Where are you?”, were his first words to me. Once I told him my location. He then went on to ask,”accommodation is where?”. “Home”, I replied and that’s it. I was verified. He didn’t bother to know whether I was a minor or a 70-year-old man, whether I had HIV or not. After all, he was not the one to be traded here. So why’d he bother? I am talking about Mr Kishan, who successfully runs an e-commerce website online. In the age of Flipkart and Amazon…

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I bought a girl online.

How strange it may sound to you, is the reality of prostitution in India. The advances in technology are free to be used by everyone and exploited, like in this particular case. Prostitution not always means filthy balconies and stingy room and minor girls trafficked into the brothels without their consent and with false dreams. As truthful as these circumstances are, this is a totally different area. Here prostitution means girls who are good looking and want to lead a lavish lifestyle and have no problem in selling their body…

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That smile, can it last long? (Source: apneaap) Culture 

Choice: To let her die.

Everything in life boils down to the choices one makes. In fact, everything started because of the choice Eve made in the garden of Eden. Yes, Adam too made a choice. But, it was first made by Eve. Look what I just did there? It is easy to make a choice and then later blame the other to have forced it on us like we never had a choice to make a choice. The fact that you are able to make the simple decision of using the internet and order…

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