Choice: To let her die.

Everything in life boils down to the choices one makes. In fact, everything started because of the choice Eve made in the garden of Eden. Yes, Adam too made a choice. But, it was first made by Eve. Look what I just did there? It is easy to make a choice and then later blame the other to have forced it on us like we never had a choice to make a choice. The fact that you are able to make the simple decision of using the internet and order what you want to eat may seem like a little absurd to be talked about on this blog. But that’s what matters right? Nobody likes that cranky old grandmother who gives you a hard time over coke-cola, mosquito repellent, and wifi radiations. Choices no matter how small and absurd they sound are the speech of our freedom. But, suppose in an instant I steal your freedom to make a choice. From today onwards you have to eat this!! You are not supposed to go there! You will not wear that anymore. Viola!! Welcome to the jail in the world of the free. Oh Oh! I almost forgot this one, from now on you have to sleep with 8 men in a day continuously till you are alive or you run, to pay your debt. Debt?!, you ask.  Yes, The money I gave to your father to buy you, without your consent. Ouch ! that hurts right? Not much of a choice to be made here. No matter how fictional this may sound to you. This is the ground reality of our great motherland. Land of the free, they say it. It is if you don’t count the 27 million adults and 13 million children who are the victims of human trafficking (source). How must it feel like to be sold as a commodity and to be used by men to satisfy their pleasures? I don’t know this, I can never comprehend the pain and the hurt these girls carry. Someone has said, to kill a person don’t use a gun. Take away his/her self-respect and he’ll die the most brutal death. These are the murders happening in India without a drop of blood shedding, well some drops do shed, along with the screams of these teenagers. Was watching Toilet: Ek Prem Katha yesterday, and this one thing struck me. Until and unless the fight’s your own, nobody really cares.
A closed room with no ventilation is where they are forced to satisfy their clients.
But while I write, there is a girl on a stranger’s bed, slowly dying and the only wish she can ask for is to die soon. We as a nation of free men have failed her. There is no warmth of the sunlight through the clear sky hitting her. She is caged in a room where men use her and go away.    
What about her CHOICES?
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