Is it just a network?

  It has been named the network of networks, a networking infrastructure which being virtual to our eyes is still massive and evergrowing. Its the Internet. A long way from when the first email was shared between 2 computers we now stand amidst astounding possibilities. The impact of this development is so great that availability of this network has become near essential. Things seemingly impossible to people about their own selves are seen turning into reality through this network, a hobby turning into a profession, a talent leading to millions of dollars, needless to say, it is a powerful tool to project whatever you want to.
“Now all of us are commentators, creators, and publishers”- Zaryn Dentzel (How the internet has changed our life).
Geographical barriers now seem incapable to bar us from experiencing different worlds. Want to go to Peru?, Click a button and you are there, destinations are at your fingertips, the powers and the wonders of nature can now be appreciated from behind a glass curtain. There’s more to know about the diverse cultures of the world without actually having to experience them. They can be understood and be related to, from miles afar. Our knowledge has increased too with such a surge in teachers on the net and receivers on the other end, we have access to the finest set of information, skills that can be attained. Unaccountable amount of information can be extracted from this infinite ocean of facts, theories, ideas. We are better professionals than ever before. And all this not while being stuck to a wired computer screen. The Information has become “MOBILE”. No longer you wait for the next vendor to hand you a newspaper, what is there in your hands is your “SMART” phone. Although only meant to make and receive calls it can take you places that would be impossible physically, you can escape reality, to some extent. Relationships aren’t the same either, staying connected in real time, moment to moment is now a lifestyle. There’s no waiting, be with your loved ones at all times as though you really were. We stay connected in time. But has it all been good? I would like to take a different perspective towards the end of this post asking, has communication improved? Words are replaced by texts and emotions are replaced by emoticons, we have begun seeing more than feeling and we are getting used to it. We are losing out on what it means to have a conversation and what it’s like to have a person express their thoughts to you. Everything seems comfortable and we want to keep it that way. The Himalayas are not only to be seen and appreciated, but to feel the ice cold wind rush against your face, and that’s when the change happens, you start feeling rather than just seeing. This experience is different altogether, it is powerful to make us realize that true joy isn’t found sitting behind a screen but going out and living those experiences. The Internet has now become an integral part of our life. We depend a lot upon it. It has entwined with the activities of our daily life. Even though internet has made our life tremendously easy , empowered us to do a lot more and to do it more efficiently and meticulously , even though it has expanded our horizons and opened up brilliant opportunities for us ,let us remember that WE are the ones who created it and not the other way around and we should not let it control us. We should not stop exposing our senses to things they were created for , Let us not rob our ears off of the sound of waves colliding with the rocks on the seashore, let us not compromise by not letting our eyes see what a Golden hour really looks like, Let us go out and experience the life stories of people whom we are not familiar with. Lets us fill ourselves with experiences at the same time using the network of networks with a purpose and for our benefit.