another september, another iPhone.

Recently, Apple released their new iPhones. In fact, this time they released 3 new iPhones. 8, 8s and the very new iPhone X (ten, not ‘X’). At the newly built Steve Jobs theater. Where 8 and 8s were just a spec bump to the old iPhone 7 and 7s. The hype was all about the new iPhone X, with the bezel-less display and what Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook introduced, as the major leap forward after the release of the very first iPhone. The one more thing, thing. Though the all screen concept is not new to the market of smartphones, with some of the major manufacturers already producing some all screen phones, for example, the essential phone.
One more thing
Apple did not release anything ahead of its time for the consumer market, with the bezel-less screen. Like they did with the new iPhone. So it’s very much, not a major leap. But what Apple did other than the display is completely new on the market. With the introduction of FaceID, animoji (animated emojis) and the stepping into augmented reality with its new Phone. Apple has clearly left it’s mark again on the smartphone market. And people are going to buy it, for the same reason people buy iPhone. For the quality they deliver and the statement it gives about you.
the faceID
augmented reality
The iPhone 8 starts at $699 for a 64GB model, while the iPhone 8 Plus will start at $799 (also for 64GB), although both phones will also have a 256GB model for $849 and $949, respectively. The iPhone X is priced at a staggering $999. Preorders begin on Friday, September 15th, with the new devices set to ship September 22nd.