“Rocket man on a suicide mission” – POTUS

President Trump has a way of things, one of his very evident personality traits to speak his mind whether you like it or not, was very prevalent in his UN speech today at the UN headquarters, New York, USA. Mainly focusing on international terrorism. President Trump was straightforward in his speech with no bullshit.
“The USA is capable of totally destroying North Korea”- President Trump.
Addressing the recent nuclear tests by the North Korea and their open agenda against the United States of America. Trump said that “The USA can totally destroy North Korea” if they don’t stop the nuclear program. Trump went further to address Kim Jong-un (North Korea’s leader) that, “The Rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime”
North Korean Envoy walking out the UN general assembly
This can work as a fair warning to North Korea to help them change their course towards a nuclear war or it can be taken as an insult and catapult the preparations  by the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. But as the North Korean envoy to the UN went out of the auditorium just when President Trump was about to give his speech, the message is clear. With this the tensions between North Korea and USA are on the highest.