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If you are reading this, chances are one of our posters or social media advertisement redirected you here. A warm welcome to you! Sowers is not just a website. It’s a mission. It’s a lead towards talking about things that are generally termed as a “taboo”. It is an expedition towards making documentaries that would CHANGE THE WORLD! A pledge to do honest journalism all through. As I write this, Sowers has a viewer base of more than 27K, which is increasing every day. Not just the website, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram where we take polls and initiate healthy and thought-provoking discussions on a regular basis.  

Let us Talk about Depression

It’s rough waters that most of us have to sail through. In one of our polls, 87% of people admitted to having dealt with depression at some point of time in their lives. Simply said, 4 out of 5 people you know have or are going through depression. Sadly, for some, its the end of their lives. But when you take a perspective of someone who has come out of depression you’ll also find a huge change of outlook in them for their own life. Depression should not at all become the end of life. And for this reason, Sowers is coming forward to start a discussion and share stories and hence affect the lives of as many people as possible. Of all things, to be uninformed is the greatest peril. If only, we would remove this and the taboo out of the equation. Help can be found and is easily and readily available. We need to come out. We need to talk about it like we would talk of a common cold or a fever. Let’s get up to share and support each other.  

We are taking your Submissions

To talk about something that has affected so many lives, we’d need participation from every keyboard, pen and voice we can find.
Know that it’s the experience of someone that becomes knowledge for others.
If you have ever been depressed or know someone who is going through it, If you are a professional who knows depression in and out. If you are a counsellor who encourages people to talk about it. We welcome you to write about it and share your experiences. Article submission: You can send us your articles, views, stories and experience. If you have any additional queries, contact us through our contact page. To submit your articles click here. For every published article, the authorship will be provided to you. Sowers will, in no capacity, claim the views published in the article. If you submit articles, we assume that you accept our terms and conditions.

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