Why write?! | Shikha’s story

If you are a habitual reader or a writer yourself, the first thing you might want to know about me is – I’m no Writer! Over the years that have passed, I have found myself intrigued by the Science behind everything. Much contrary to a book lover or a writer, you won’t find a wallpaper with classic quotes on my desktop background. What you might find maybe something close to an Orbital image of the Earth in space. But nowadays, I find it quite wonderful [as in full-of-wonder ;)] that the ‘about‘ section of my Facebook page says “Editor at Sowers“. Not because I always wanted to be one, it’s because I never thought I would become one. ‘Writing’ was never a part of the plan. Don’t get me wrong; I loved reading classics in school. Julius Caesar was among my favorites. Literature seemed to have interested me for a while. Nevertheless, I was too young to conceive thoughts of becoming a Writer back then. As I grew, Science took its hold pushing Literature to the backseat. It’s funny how you can be mesmerized seeing other people do things you wanted to do, and even by things that you THINK you would never do. For an instance, seeing people who can run and run great distances, I would tell myself “I want to do it!” and my Brain (let’s call it Chuckles) would answer, “You really wanna try that? You wouldn’t last 5 minutes!” ‘Reading‘ was something thought I would never do, but I did stumble into it and I’m glad about it. Never having indulged in and savouring a good book kept me from understanding the joys and the meaning of reading. Thanks to my friends who found its significance for themselves and encouraged me to find it, all the way. I’m not proud of the number of books on my ‘Read‘ list yet, but I hope it keeps growing. Reading still isn’t a part of my automatic behaviour yet, (Chuck often finds other things to do). But a handful of influential books have made me realize the importance of the written word. WHY WRITE?! It’s unimaginable, what would our world have looked like, if people didn’t write things down when they felt called to do so?  What if Anne Frank didn’t document what it felt like to be in the hiding? What if Elizabeth Elliot did not write about her remarkable love story? and what if one of 40 authors of the Bible refused to record the on-goings of their time? What happened in History would be lost unheard and unknown about, throughout many generations. Writing does have a profound purpose enriching people who embrace it. I’ve come to realize that Writing is a beautiful thing, it’s an art. Be it a story, a fact, an imagination or an insight – the play of words can tug on the cords of the heart. Writing here, I’m a juvenile budding in the world of great thinkers, who seemed to have a better awareness of themselves than most.  Although it was not in Chuck’s master-plan, I’m grateful that this beautiful thing came about in my life the way it did.       P.S: Chuck says I need to do better 😉