My problem with God | Seasons of waiting.

I have a problem with God. He has stopped his one-on-one communication and that’s creating a lot of confusion here on earth. Problems that would have been easily solved if He’d just talk. I don’t ask God to come down and talk to me; it’ll be hard to survive that encounter (if you know what I mean). For me, a little dream here and there would work. Oh wait, I’ve got an idea! God, if you are reading this, please comment. 🙂 (I promise it’ll be a secret; none of my readers go to that section.) We all yearn to have that sort of communication with God. Mostly because we are delusional and need someone to tell us the right way to move. This time can be quite hard. It has been, for me. But, after a year of going back and forth with God and with the help of sound wisdom of some men and women, I have come to a realization that finding God’s will is not at all hard. Now listen to me! If you are a believer and have given your life’s authority to God, then your job ends there. He will do what he wants to do with your life. You don’t need to ask him for his will, you are already in it. Simply put, it would be stupid on a child’s side to continuously ask his dad after every two minutes, “Where are we going dad?” when Dad already asked him, “I am going to buy groceries. Would you like to join me?” and that child said yes. The child continuously pesters his father because the child was never interested in buying groceries in the first place. He knew that father will go to that grocery store where they keep those big eclairs. He could get that eclair he had always liked. His aim was the eclairs and that eclair was not worth covering that much distance. Knowing God’s will for your life is big stuff. You will learn it with your own experiences and God will make it clear to you. Here are some points to help you till then. If you are mature enough to ask for God’s will in your life, be mature enough to go through that time till you reach your destination. Just because the distance is big doesn’t mean you won’t get to that grocery store. God’s will moulds you to be certain in things that God wants from you. God uses distance and waiting to mould you like He’d like you to be. The waiting is the worst part. But you have no reason to question. Remember how assuring it is to hold that one finger of your father’s hand with your tiny fingers; and while you are going to buy groceries why not talk to God about the eclairs you’d like to have and how much. It is necessary to read and pray during the time of waiting. Now, understand this part very carefully, Once you reach the grocery store and the grocery has been bought and you pitch your eclairs want to your father. The happy ending would be that you’d get those eclairs in whatever quantity you want and you’ll go home – happy and satisfied. If that’s happening with you, good for you. Chances are, once you pitch your want for eclairs, Father denies it because it’s not good for you. What the Hell, Billy! this is not a way to end an article. No, this is life. This can and in most cases will happen. Does that mean you should not trust God with your life? Remember you are going back to sleep in your father’s bed under his roof. This is a complete submission to God’s will. We are called for this.   love, Billy Graham Ram