Pornography: Narcotic? Detrimental? Normal?

After effects | Inversion

It was July the 17th – a Tuesday when some of our friends including some doctoral researchers gathered around our EC canteen spot. We met there as a small gathering everyday at 1700 hrs to talk a while about the current status in the lives of each of us. There we would also talk about the current issue or the topic if it garnered some views or attraction of the people across the globe. I happened to take my phone out to get a glimpse of a news. It came across as something that was totally disconcerting because of the content it carried. Boys from Uttarakhand aged between 9-14 gang raped an 8-year-old girl upon discovering that her parents were not home. When these boys were questioned about how they could commit such an atrocity their answer was shocking. Apparently, a couple of days ago they watched pornography on the phone so they just emulated the act they saw on the phone. They clearly did not give a thought to what this kind of act could lead too. This lead me to think about the content for my article. Plethora of other rape cases have been registered in the past where the deep root of such an act was nothing other than pornography. Couple of months ago I was watching a documentary named “Liberated: The new sexual revolution”. It was about how the young adults in their college days hookup with other in the extremely perverted and influential society. They were not only crossing the boundaries they needed to keep before getting married but also obliterated the true meaning of marriage. That is the small reality of our world around us today. But, when magnified through lenses the biggest reality of all is that we live in such a world like this one.    

What leads to pornography? | Where does it start? | What it leads to?

Children (School aged): Children are the best imitators. They do exactly what they see their elders do. So, their minds are not mature enough to think of the what kind of act could lead to baneful consequences. So, the onus is on the parents to nurture their kids in an environment where talking about sex is not a taboo, more precisely and trending generation gap. But all these anecdotal statements should be dealt in a way which ties its string with a divine implication. Such should be the way of dealing with the kids. They should be often told about as to why repression of a certain feeling is not the end. Moreover, why waiting on the perfect timing should be their priority. And that waiting will be worthy of all that they see around them. If they do not learn it at home, then surely the world is going to teach them. Teens: Early use of Internet in today’s generation is what I believe to be the biggest cause as to how children in their teens have an early access to the porn. Their want for a phone is accomplished by their parents while they are still at home getting an easy access to an explicit but a virtual world. I remember using an android phone when I reached in my 2nd year of undergrad studies. Before this I don’t remember using a phone in which I could browse through sites. Adults: I can write a whole bunch of para relating to this sub topic being an adult myself. But, to be specific and to touch the nerve of some issue I have to stick to the criteria. Therefore, without beating around the bush lets get to the core. The case for adults is: the main cause of inclination towards pornography can be described in just two words: Identity and Stress. Identity is the major cause for adults accessing pornography. Often the eagerness to watch pornography comes due to self-pity in a person for himself. Self-pity comes because the person overlooks or is dismayed of the fact that he is important to the society in many ways. All the responsibilities are then swayed swiftly under the carpet. And, once this identity is distorted self-image is affected too. This deformation of the self-image leads to seek pleasure in a veracity of ways. An adult who is under stress or pressure then is bound to watch the virtual world on their computers. The only solution I know is recalling the fact that our image is not something that has come from nothing but is a gift from our God and with a purpose too.  

Footnote | Thoughts | Helping readers mind think!

The reason I started with writing After Effects is to help the readers think of what consequences pornography has; not only on the young adults but the bait has not spared even the under aged children. It also depends on the reader whether he’s reading it with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. The former will never give a second thought because he has a strong belief in his notions, but I would suggest that a later one is often beneficial and regarded the best. So, concluding: pornography is a narcotic like an alcohol or a drug. It can never be regarded as therapeutic ailment. Even a little access today can be an addiction the other day. Therefore, the gist is that pornography is nothing but a feeling that a person is pursing on the screens. This feeling will always tend to increase with time but the graph can never be in the negative quadrant. So, even a little compromise today can lead to a huge consequence tomorrow. A friend once said to me, “Nitin! whatever comes to your mind just do it without giving it a second thought”. I heard that statement from him for almost 3 to 4 days daily to which one day I retorted, “that shouldn’t be the case dude! What if something you wanted to change after doing it. But, now you cannot change it because you didn’t give a second thought to it.” So, this is the time when thinking is vital in the society and culture we are living in. In short, a second thought over any issue can be more decisive than doing it on the first place.