The Greatest Question you can ever ask..

Our World has been shaped by individuals who have often asked questions other people didn’t know could be asked. People didn’t even know those were even questions until someone from among them stood up and raised a finger. “The Reformation“, as we know it now, was the era where people began asking questions. They looked around at their World and started asking the questions of “How” and “Why“. The reformation era is also believed by many to have been the beginning of the Scientific Era. The “How” and “Why” Science answers today took birth in the minds of the people during the Reformation.

Centuries later, Science is now so deeply rooted within our nerves that asking the questions of “why” comes naturally to us. And to our benefit, though Science itself instigates questions, it also answers them, most of the time. We all ask questions, “Curiosity is now a Highway and not a lonely road.” History has proved how the questions asked at the right time can be life-giving to many. Those questions literally changed their world. Questions like, “why should one man rule over another just because the colour of the slave’s skin was darker than his master?” This question probably resonated in millions of beating hearts as they laboured day in and day out. Freedom finally came to them when the yearning of their hearts converged into one voice, like those of Fredrick Douglas and many others.

No doubt, asking questions is as important as Life. But what is the Greatest Question that can ever be asked? One that can be worth much more than a Million Dollars, if you get it right.

How did we get here?

Some of you may scoff and say, “How does it matter how I got here? All that matters is here and now!”. Well, the question still remains and it leads us to ask other important questions. “Is their a God?” or if you are not so religious, you could ask, “Am I the Master of my own Destiny?” Whatever your question may be, it’s worth asking. Because if there isn’t a God, it’s all well and good. But if there is, that changes everything! It’s a total game changer because then everything- your Life, your Destiny is not really in your control. Before you are caught off-guard, ask the right question.